Testimonials from clients and students

"My 10 year old son is a real Lego-head and computer-nut. We were looking for 'the next step' in construction/techical activities and came across the afterschool sessions run by Technotutorz. He found these sessions a great introduction to basic computer programming in an environment with other like-minded children. I found the tutors to be supportive and encouraged independance and problem solving."

January 2013

"Enjoyable, good teaching style, fun activities, clear explanations, learned lots, helpful teacher, liked testing the robots. Some said it would be a bit easier if sometimes you went over the robotics parts and reminded them what the names of them were. They liked it when they had time in the sessions to do their tests and tryouts - thats why a longer session would be good...."

Redcliffs School students
Term 3 2012

"In early 2010, Katana Dunn and Sue Linscott, started working with us at Fendalton School as we worked to establish a Robotics Group for interested Year 5 and 6 students. Through Sue's association with Robokits, we were able to hire robotics kits, which we used until we were able to purchase Lego NXT kits. The very practical and supportive approach of Technotutorz made our task so straightforward.

Katana has worked at our school since then, coming once a week to run the robotics groups. Katana is extremely passionate about robotics and is very skilled. Combined with the fact that she is a trained and experienced classroom teacher, means our children receive very appropriate, logically sequenced weekly monitoring. Katana demonstrates when necessary and leaves the students to problem solve other times. We are kept informed by e-mail of what she is teaching the students, the progress they are making and any competitions they may be considering entering.

Our students love robotics sessions and our school really values our association with Katana from Technotutorz."

Sue Williams
GATE Coordinator
Fendalton School
May 2011

"Robokits Company really helped us at Fendalton School this year. We had a group of students in Years 5 and 6 who were desperately keen to establish a robotics group at our school, but like many schools, we had no resources for them to use.

Robokits rented us kits at a very reasonable term rate and this allowed us to catch the wave of student interest and get going. Sue and Katana helped us in our initial sessions and was always very professional with rapid back-up when required.

As our school group is only for Year 5 and 6 children, a few of our younger students are now attending workshops run by Technotutorz and thoroughly enjoy them.

Sue Williams
Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Fendalton School
(03) 3519788......."
June 2010

P.S. Although Technotutorz mainly uses Robokits products for their workshops other resources are also used.

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