Robotics: Acquire tools for your future

What we offer:

We provide workshops for students of all ages where students explore various aspects of robotics through team work and self-directed study.

We explore various aspects of robotics as well as construct and program a robot.

Teaching robotics

Teaching time is also important.

How we do it?
  • Holiday workshops as advertised
  • After-school sessions
  • On-site workshops in school-time

For more information ...

To find out what a Robotics Engineer does and why robotics are important watch this video.

Why are we doing it?

The main purpose of these workshops is to expose the students to the world of robotics. We start with a general introduction answering the following questions:

  • What is Robotics?
  • What does a robot do?
  • Where are robots used?
  • Who uses robots?
  • What do robots look like?
  • How are robots used?
Student outcomes

Understanding the building blocks of robots, including parts and functions.

The students build the robot and program it themselves. Various exciting challenges are given to the students.

Robokits Robots

A Variety of Robokits robots used.