Search the internet for the word "robotics" and you will find over 16 million references to robotics. Search the word "robot", and you will find over 400 million references. So why is this?

Science fiction has dabbled with the idea of robots (mechanical devices that think for themselves) for a long time. Think about I, Robot, Wall-E and R2D2 from Star Wars. That is why most people have the idea that a robot is human-like, but most are not. Robots are used in manufacturing, the military, space, in our homes and even on the internet.

Advancements in the areas of telecommunication, transport and especially computers in the last 150 years are responsible for the fact that robots are undoubtedly going to become a part of everyday life. Future robots will be much more sophisticated than the ones we have today. They will be mass produced and become consumer items. To be able to create these types of robots will mean highly specialised careers in Computer Science and Engineering. Currently, there are huge shortages in these areas and it is forecasted that these shortages will get worse as not enough students are entering these careers.


To enable the students of today to enter these careers later on, we need to ensure they have the tools to make effective decisions on future careers. One way is to expose them to various technologies, like robotics, so that the students can make those decisions. Robotics is a fun way to learn basic to advanced electronics, control systems and programming. These are buildings blocks of Computer Science and Engineering.

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