Discover Robotics with Technotutorz - July 2012

Technotutorz was part of Kidsfest in July 2012. We had a great time with five fully booked sessions teaching various aspects of robotics as well as the components that make up robots and how to program them in fun and interactive ways. A combination of teacher-led and self-explorative activities were used.

Each workshop covered

  • A general introduction into robotics (what it is, where it is used, who uses it, why is it important)
  • Explanations of what the different parts of a robot do
  • A practical session to build up a standard Inex robotics kit
  • Programming of the robot for basic movement and reading sensors
  • Demonstration of various educational robots and electronic kits by Robokits

Check out our photos from July 2012 to see what we have done.

We are planning the same type of workshops this July. Keep and eye out for the Kidsfest broschure. Booking will be via Dash Tickets. If you need more information you can contact Katana at

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