Questions and answers

Question: What is a robotic workshop, what will a student learn during such a workshop? Is it mainly for boys or can girls also attend workshops?

Answer: Students learn about the basic parts of a robot and the function of each part. They learn how to build a robot and how to program it to do specific tasks. They can bring their own robot, or for the start hire a robot from us. Those with their own robots have the advantage that they can complete tasks at home and we can evaluate it during the next workshop. Boys and girls of all levels can attend and they do evenly well with robotics and technology. Robotics is a journey and you learn as much or as little as you want.

Question: If I buy the robot and my son/daughter struggles with it, where can I go for help?

Answer: You are welcome to sign up for our weekly robotic workshops in Christchurch or for our holiday workshops. We will meet your child at his/her level and help the best we can.

Question: How do I know which robot is the right one to buy for my son, he is a beginner?

Answer: The RoboBox is a good entry level robot for students 8 years and older. Your child will gain knowledge about basic robotic parts, construction skills when building the robot and also basic programming skills.

Question: My child struggles to focus and to stay on task. He is easily distracted. How will he benefit from a robotic workshop?

Answer: Working in a small group where members are goal-orientated might help him to see the importance of staying on task. If robotics or technology is something that your child is really interested in, it might help if we give him short term goals and enough time during a session to achieve these goals. He might discover that it is just the thing for him and find himself making interesting choices for his future. It is worth the try.

Question: What other kinds of technology do you teach during your holiday workshops?

Answer: We sometimes include basic electronics, using breadboards, working with LED's, diodes, transistors and other components used in robotics to teach students more about robotics. We also use the robot's controller to add other electronic circuits to it. Every workshop is unique according to the students level and requirements.

Question: For how long should my daughter come to your weekly workshops?

Answer: These sessions ran for a term as it takes time to really understand and apply some aspects of programming and technology.