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Robotics during term time
The Robotics and Technology club will be held on Fridays in Burnside, Christchurch, in term time, between 3 and 5:00pm. This will be ongoing through the year. Read more... Workshopstudents
Learners Domain
We can use technology, such as robotics, as an aid to teach students with specific learning differences (SLD).
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SLD Teacher
Who said women can't do robotics?
In December 2012 we had fun with a robotics day for Women. We would like to do this again so please let us know if you are interested and when would be a good time for it. E-mail Katana at NXT
Online shoppping
Visit our Online Technology Shop at Amazon for all your robotics related requirements.

Technotutorz also work closely with Robokits and uses many of their products.